The best time to invest in
MLS® Laser Therapy

Expanded Tax Incentives Make it the Perfect Time to Purchase an MLS Therapy Laser

Section 179 has long served as a critical incentive for healthcare practices to invest in new business-building technologies. Section 179 deduction now allows for 100% deduction of new practice equipment – such as an MLS Therapy Laser – in the year that it was purchased. *

Sample MLS Laser Therapy Purchase Calculation with Section 179 Tax Deduction

Section 179 Savings
Equipment Purchase $50,000
First Year Write Off $50,000
First Year Savings $18,500 (assuming $50,000 x 37% tax bracket)
Net Initial Purchase Price $31,500



MLS Delivers ROI

While the Section 179 savings provide an excellent incentive to purchase an MLS Therapy Laser, it’s the almost immediate return on investment that will pay large dividends long-term. Practices adopting MLS Laser Therapy have seen a return on investment with only two to three patients per month. In practices where MLS Laser Therapy has become an established treatment modality, per unit revenue of $200,000 a year is not uncommon.

As we continue to push through the circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the country are feeling the squeeze of a labor shortage. Hospitals and private practices are no exception, finding themselves in need of a solution. 

Technologies that satisfy patient demands and improve practice productivity may be the answer.

With automatic applications offered by its distinctive robotized head, the M6 MLS Therapy Laser eliminates the need for a dedicated technician, allowing doctors and staff to use their time more efficiently while patients are receiving treatment.

*$1,000,000 deduction limit. We strongly recommend consulting your tax advisor. They can provide advice related to your unique tax situation and determine how to best put the benefits of a Section 179 deduction to work for your business.