Advantages of MLS Laser Technology

“MLS Laser Therapy Vs. NIR Laser Diode (BTL)  double blind- RCT Study”

Energy for Health Volume 15

M. Kimlickova, Y. Efremova, E. Blaskova, V., Navratil, L. Navratil

Study Objective:

This study was designed to assess the therapeutic effects on 131 patients with arthrosis, vertebrogenic algesic syndrome, and enthesopathy via two different lasers: single wavelength (830nm) BLT vs. dual wavelength (808nm and 905nm) MLS.  To account for pain perception being a subjective measurement, a four point scale was used which consisted of: vanishing of problems, considerable improvement, moderate improvement, and unaltered condition (no improvement).


Significant improvement of symptoms was reached in both cases, however pain relief was achieved much faster with MLS therapy (4 treatments vs BLT laser needed 12 treatments). This difference enhances patient comfort and speeds up rehabilitation.

MLS Laser Therapy Vs. NIR Laser Diode (BTL) double blind- RCT Study | Laser Comparison Chart | Treatments

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