Back to the Basics: Veterinary Therapeutic Solutions Comparison

For over 20 years Cutting Edge has focused on providing non-invasive and non-pharmacological solutions for wound healing, pain management and tissue regeneration. Veterinary therapy devices have been a large focus for Cutting Edge over the years.[i]

Many young pet owners tend to favor more holistic and alternative treatment methods for their animals.[ii] Cutting Edge provides veterinary practices therapy devices to help clinics adapt to these preferences, improve quality of care, and differentiate their practice.[iii]

MLS Laser Therapy

MLS Laser Therapy uses a form of non-ionizing electromatic radiation to increase ATP production and cell growth, block pain signals, and stimulate cells to remove toxins, resulting in eased pain and inflammation.[iv]

The MLS emission combines and synchronizes two therapeutic wavelengths. The continuous 808nm wavelength decreases inflammation (anti-edemic and anti-inflammatory) while the superpulsed 905 nm wavelength works to reduce pain (analgesic). When synchronized, the 905 nm and 808 nm wavelength emissions reinforce each other to deepen and strengthen the lasers effects. [v]

MLS technology has been adapted into multiple laser systems including the EVO and M-VET.


The EVO uses MLS technology with peak power of 75W to produce an analgesic response, targeting an area of 2 cm in diameter with the handpiece and 6 cm with the ULTRA head. The EVO has over 80 preset protocols for canine, feline, equine and exotic applications. The preset protocols can be modified for personalized treatments. The EVO also has interchangeable acupuncture and intraoral tips.[vi]  


The M-Vet uses the patented MLS wave pattern alongside optical fiber technology to produce short and long-term analgesic effects and accelerate healing time.[vii] The M-Vet has a peak power of 270W and has four interchangeable lenses including a small probe lens for dermatology, large probe for musculoskeletal conditions, intraoral tip, and laser acupuncture tip.[viii] There are also customizable preset protocols for canine, feline, equine, and exotic animals with the ability to log 500 patient profiles on the device and export the profiles via USB.[ix]


Magnetotherapy operates using extremely low frequency (ELF) pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), which are characterized as 1-100 Hz. Electromagnetic fields have an anti-inflammatory effect on tissue by inducing changes in intercellular ion homeostasis.[x] These changes activate a series of biological responses which lead to an anti-inflammatory response reducing pain, inflammation, and stimulating bone healing.[xi] 

The PEMF-VET uses PEMF technology to stimulate healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. The therapy can be used in combination with other therapies such as MLS Laser Therapy or by itself as a stand-alone therapy. The therapy works on deep tissues and bones, and is often used to treat fractures, edemas, muscle tears, contusions, wounds, ulcers, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.[xii] Magnetotherapy is a non-invasive and painless therapy.[xiii] The PEMF-VET uses Flex Applicators which can be applied over the treatment area, or a cover can be placed over the applicators and the animal and sit on top of them.[xiv]


Both MLS and Magnetotherapy technologies can assist in pain relief and inflammation reduction. In addition, both technologies are non-invasive and painless and can address a wide variety of conditions, improving patient care.

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