Effects of MLS Laser Therapy on Damaged Muscle Tissue

“Effects on MLS laser therapy on myoblast cell line C2C12”

Energy for Health Volume 7

L. Vignali, F. Cialdai , M. Monici

Study Objective:

This in vitro study analyzed the effects of MLS Laser Therapy on C2C12 myoblast cells in order to evaluate the effectiveness of promoting recovery of damaged muscle tissue. The research focused on cell viability and proliferation, organization of cell cytoskeleton, expression of MyoD, an early marker of muscle differentiation, and proteins involved in the extracellular matrix turnover (collagen I, MMP2, MMP9).


MLS treatment is able to induce, in muscle cells, a biological response that can affect muscle function. This response is consistent with therapeutic effects observed at systemic level and suggest that MLS therapy could be effective in treating muscle diseases by direct action on myoblast behavior.

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