Application of MLS Laser Therapy on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

“Application of MLS Laser on muscular contracture caused by functional overload in a young athlete- case report”

Energy for Health Volume 9

G. Galanti, A. Moretti, L. Lo Nero

Study Objective:

This study evaluated the efficacy of MLS Laser Therapy in combination with the other components of standard therapy  (mobilization of the muscle, stretching and eccentric contraction exercise) for the treatment of muscular contracture due to sudden increase in activity.


A 16 year old athlete’s rectus femoris was treated with MLS laser for 3 days and saw negative clinical examination of pain and muscle contracture and was able to participate with the team after treatment day 3. Typical DOMS disappears in 5-7 days, thus significantly shortened by MLS Laser Therapy.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness | Average Recover with MLS vs Without MLS Laser Therapy


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