MLS® Treatment for Hoof Bruises on Barefoot Horse

Treating Hoof Bruise on Barefoot Horse

Equine Case StudyHoof bruise barefoot horse

BreedItalian saddlebred
Sex: Gelding
Age5 YO

Clinical case:

This barefoot horse showed acute hoof pain with 3/5 lameness on the right front limb, positive reaction to the hoof tester and increased digital pulse at rest. This clinical presentation is pretty typical for a hoof bruise or hoof abscess; this horse lives in a pasture so the treatment option needed to avoid sole incision, drainage, and hoof bandage.


Three MLS® Laser Therapy treatments have been applied every other day, using the pre-set program “acute pain” with point-to-point modality (18 seconds per point) along the coronet bend, on heel bulbs, frog and sole.

After the third application, lameness had improved (2/5) and at rest, there wasn’t any digital pulse.


A week after the last treatment the gait at the trot was almost back to normality, and one month later the horse has not shown any sign of recurrence.