Rocky, a Dog With Hip Dysplasia and 2nd-3rd Degree Lameness

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Dog With Hip Dysplasia and 2nd-3rd Degree Lameness


Breed: Epagneul Breton

Gender: Male

Age: 6 years

Rocky Receiving MLS Laser Therapy Treatment

Clinical Case

Rocky is dysplastic but showed no symptoms up to 7-8 months ago. Over the last few months, he began to show a 2nd-3rd degree lameness, both when cold and after intense exercise.

Rocky goes hunting on a regular basis and on the other days he lives a domestic life with 2-3 systematic walks a day. Rocky is slightly overweight. He sleeps in the house and follows a supervised diet.

Rocky has pain in the thoracic-lumbar region and in the right hip. This worsens with damp conditions and sometimes he shows a 1st-2nd degree lameness in the front left leg. He finds getting up, getting on beds and sofas and using the stairs difficult.


Fibrocartilaginous embolism was suspected. 

MLS® Laser Therapy with the EVO device carried out on points on the hips (according to the arthrosis protocol), knees and elbows (with the inflammation-chronic protocol), the thoracic-lumbar back region (using the back pain protocol). Two treatments per week for two weeks followed by one weekly treatment for a month were carried out.
Osteopathic treatments, massages, obstacle course, intake of a joint protection food supplement.


Rocky already began to move more easily after the first treatment. After the first week of treatment, he began to get back onto beds and sofas and to manage the stairs. The lameness was resolved after 15 days.
Rocky is currently undergoing maintenance sessions every 15 days as he sometimes still shows a slight tenderness in the thoracic-lumbar and right hip areas.

Courtesy of Dr. Denise Forti & Dr. Sabrina Donzelli, Motoria, Centro Fisiatrico Sportivo per Animali – Rimini, Italy

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