Upgrade Your Therapy Laser

Transition to the latest technology — the Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser — with our Customer Appreciation Inventory Clearance Sale exclusive to MIX-5 Therapy Laser customers.

MIX-5 Therapy Laser End of Life

If you are an owner of a MIX-5 Therapy Laser, you may have received communications from our team explaining that due to several issues with part suppliers caused by the pandemic and the age of this install base, it is necessary for us to discontinue services of this laser.

Our last MIX-5 Therapy Laser was sold over a decade ago. For many, this has been one of the best equipment investments ever made for their practice. 

MIX-5 Therapy Laser

Customer Appreciation Inventory Clearance Sale

As a part of our efforts to be proactive with our MIX-5 Therapy Laser customers, we have developed an upgrade program to help your practice transition to our latest technology. Our upgrade program includes but is not limited to premium trade-in value for working therapy lasers, deferred payments, extended warranty, and new marketing collateral.

At the forefront of our latest advancements is the fully Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser. Showcasing a patented emission system and enhanced safety profile, the M6 offers unattended, hands-free delivery to improve practice productivity while providing optimal clinical effectiveness. 

As staffing continues to be a challenge, robotic technologies provide an opportunity to do more with less and combat the staffing challenges that every practitioner is facing.

Why Go Robotic?

Hands-free and Unattended Treatments

The Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser offers the same Multiwave Locked System emission technology as the MIX-5 Therapy Laser with unattended, hands-free delivery to improve practice productivity while providing optimal clinical effectiveness in managing pain and inflammation. 

Designed to treat patients suffering from pathologies affecting wide tissue areas, the M6 MLS Therapy Laser is the only robotized Class IV therapy laser. The exclusive Robotized ULTRA Head performs automatic applications without the need for a dedicated technician.

Moving GIF showing the movements of the Robotized ULTRA Head

Improved Staff Efficiency and Practice Productivity

With automatic application of the M6 MLS Therapy Laser, there is no need for a dedicated technician to operate the machine throughout treatment sessions. 

While one patient is receiving their treatment with the M6 MLS Therapy Laser, doctors and staff can dedicate their attention to other patients and practice services to increase the overall productivity of the practice. 

Moving GIF of the Robotic M6 Therapy Laser automatically scanning and treating a patients lower back area

Consistent Dosing for Better Outcomes

By automatically calculating the necessary energy emission based on set parameters, the Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser is able to provide consistent and accurate dosing for each patient. 

The distinctive robotized multi-target function exclusive to the M6 Laser’s Robotized ULTRA Head allows the laser to automatically and evenly scan wide areas to produce an immediate response form the treated tissue.

The automatic and even application of laser energy leads to better and more predictable outcomes for patients that stationary or manually operated therapy lasers.

No Out-of-Pocket Payments Until 2024*

$0 per Month for Months 1 to 3, then $99 per Month for Months 4 to 6, then $699 per Month for Month 7 to 72.

$30,000 Trade-in Value on Your Current Therapy Laser

4.9% Financing

3 Year Warranty Included

Value of $6,990!

Program Pricing Available Through June 30th, 2023. 

*Made possible with rebate amount of $297. With credit approval for qualified clinics. 

Interested in Learning More?

Speak to you Cutting Edge representative to learn more about this limited time opportunity to transition to our latest technology, including:

  • Premium Trade-in Value on your MIX-5 Therapy Laser
  • Deferred Payments
  • Extended Warranty
  • Expanded Marketing and Patient Education Toolkit

We look forward to continuing our long-lasting relationship with you and your team for many years to come and remain committed to providing you with the best technology coupled with word class service and support!