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Swift is a revolutionary technology designed to give clinicians more confidence in the tools they use. We understand that clinicians spend years training, improving their skills and building trust within their community. This system has been developed to help deliver on that commitment.

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How Swift Works

Swift delivers microwave energy that passes safely through the skin layers generating heat inside the verruca that treats the infected tissue. This triggers the body’s own immune response to attack the virus at it’s heart.

Benefits of Microwave Technology

Cleaner Treatments

No smoke, no anaesthetic, no post-procedural dressing.

Safer Treatments

Microwaves have been in clinical used for over 30 years and are used globally in the effective treatment of cancer.

Rapid Recovery

With limited post procedural pain and no need for dressings, patients can get on comfortably with their daily lives.

Proven Results

With a growing database of successful treatments around the globe. Swift is quickly establishing itself as a reliable and effective treatment option. 

What Providers are Saying...

“I’ve been using Swift now for just over a year… Patients’ response medically [and emotionally] to the treatment have been fabulous. It’s really played an amazing role in growing the practice.”

Dr. Rachel Balloch
Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists in Avon, CT

What Patients are Saying...

“One of the best things about Swift is after you get treated you can go do anything. You can walk. You can run. You can go to work. You can do anything that you need while you are effectively being treated.”

Swift Practice Impact

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3x Higher Profit per Patient vs Traditional Reimbursed Therapy

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Increase Patient Flow via the Saorsa Marketing Engine

Stand Out From Your Competitors by Differentiating Your Practice

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