The Holmium: Yag Surgical Laser delivers energy via fiber for precision lasing from anywhere from 1-20 watts. Because of its extreme precision, it is ideal for both surgery and microsurgery. Because of its low-invasive nature, clients can expect increased efficiency, safety and reduction of healing time, all leading to higher customer compliance. A wide range of fibers (200-365-550-600-1000) makes this an ideal tool for neurology, orthopedics, urology and oncology. Its software can store up to 30 operating protocols. Technical Simplicity and LCD display makes operation and navigation simple.


Technical Features

  • Laser Type: Pulsed Ho:YAG
  • Database: 30 Programmable Settings
  • Wavelength: 2100 nm
  • Aiming Beam: Diode, 5mW(red or green)
  • Emission Power: 20W
  • Cooling System: Integrated air/water
  • Energy: 2J
  • Pulse Duration: 250-350 μs
  • Electronic Control: Microprocessor
  • Frequency: 7/10/15/20 Hz
  • Control Panel: color touch-screen
  • Emission Control: Continuous/ Pulse burst with auto repetition

Weight: 198.4 lbs.

Power Supply: 115 Vac/16A(max)/50-60 Hz


Included Accessories

  • Smoke Evacuator
    Every Cutting Edge laser system includes all the necessary equipment for complete smoke evacuation to ensure user safety. Our smoke evacuation systems utilize four stages of filtration in a single housing (pre-filter, ULPA, carbon, postfilter), with filter media rated at 0.01 micron with 99.99995% efficiency.
  • 2 Laser Safety Goggles
  • Safety Sign