eBook: Laser Therapy for Pain Management in the Era of Opioid Abuse

Amidst the intersection of COVID-19 and opioid epidemic, patients are looking for effective drug-free, non-invasive solutions to pain and inflammation. Learn how one chiropractic orthopedist, Dr. Steven Yeomans, leverages technology to alleviate pain without the use of opioids or other pharmaceuticals.

Based on his recent webinar, this ebook explores Dr. Yeomans’s experience with MLS® Laser Therapy, including:
  • Industry insights
  • The history and science of laser therapy
  • Chiropractic case studies
  • The business of laser therapy and more!

No pain. All gain.

Patented and FDA-cleared MLS® Laser Therapy technology provides…

  • Effective treatment of painful and debilitating conditions
  • 85%-90% efficacy rate
  • No risk from surgery or prescription painkillers
  • A cash-based modality to generate revenue for your practice

Learn More about the benefits of MLS Laser Therapy.

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