MLS Laser Therapy for Pain and Inflammation in Soft Tissue Injuries

“Efficiency of MLS Laser Therapy in abarticular rheumatism revealed by digital thermography and visual analog scale”

Energy for Health Volume 8

A. Momanu, A. Csapo

Study Objective:

This study used 22 patients with abarticular rheumatism (scapulohumeral peri-arthritis, tendonitis, epicondylitis, and bursitis) to test the affect of MLS Laser therapy vs classical laser therapy (100mW, 830nm)  on  pain and inflammation. Pain was tested via Visual Analog Scale and inflammation via digital thermography.


Differences in VAS score and digital thermograpy  proved statistically significant, thus MLS  was better than classical laser therapy in reducing pain and inflammation in patients with abarticular rheumatism. Patients in the MLS therapy group  also reported very early (after 2-3 treatments) significant pain reduction and increased mobility of affected joints.

Pain and Inflammation in Soft Tissue Injuries | MLS Laser Therapy | Before and After Pain Chart

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