Effect of MLS Laser Therapy on Patient Pain and Satisfaction in a Variety of Orthopedic Conditions

“Effect of MLS® Laser Therapy on Patient Pain and Satisfaction: A   Retrospective Study”

B. Blevins

Study Objective:

This was a retrospective case study analysis of 235 patients who received MLS treatment at an orthopedics’ office. Pain scale via VAS score , patient improvement and overall satisfaction was recorded. Conditions analyzed included: knee arthritis, lumbar pain, shoulder arthritis/pain, post-op TKR/THR, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, wound, hip arthritis/pain, contusion/sprain, tendonitis, and post fracture/jam.


Patients with plantar fasciitis, when treated with MLS Laser Therapy, saw the largest average decrease in pain (78%) and overall were the most satisfied with their results (100%).  Patients receiving treatment after total knee replacement or total hip replacement saw the second largest average decrease in pain by 57% at (or after) 3 treatments (e.g. pre treatment VAS score of 8 to post treatments VAS score of 3.5). Out of the 235 total patient charts analyzed, none experienced pain during or after laser therapy as a direct result of treatment.

Patient Pain and Satisfaction in Variety of Orthopedic Conditions | Condition Improvement Chart | Percentage Improvement


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