September 2022

Texas Podiatric Medical Association (TPMA) Southwest Foot & Ankle Conference

September 15th – 18th in Irving, Texas | Booth 203

Attend our presentation MLS Robotic Laser in the Podiatry Practice – A clinician’s Perspective with Dr. Lilly Khavari.

Podiatric practices are constantly facing new challenges that affect their bottom line. What can be done? In this presentation you’ll hear how Dr. Lilly Khavari successfully implemented and deployed MLS Laser Therapy in her podiatric practice in Carrollton, TX. This presentation will not only include an overview of the patented MLS technology but it will also cover specific case examples from Dr. Khavari’s practice.

The Annual Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit

September 16th – 18th in Denver, Colorado

Get hands on experience with our Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser and discover how it can be a benefit to not only your practice, but for your patients as well.

The Podiatry Institute Insights & Advancements in Foot & Ankle Surgery 

September 16th – 18th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

The MLS Therapy Laser helps patients get better faster by relieving pain, reducing inflammation, improving faction and mobility, and accelerate the natural healing process. Stop by our table to gain hands on experience and more in depth knowledge of our laser.

New York State Chiropractic Association 2022 Fall Convention

September 30th – October 2nd in Monticello, New York

The unique Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser allows for unattended treatment sessions while offering optimal clinical effectiveness. Discover how the M6 Therapy Laser can benefit your practice and patients.

October 2022

AAPM&R Annual Assembly

October 20th – 23rd in Baltimore, Maryland 

Visit Booth 827 for a hands-on demonstration of the Robotic M6 MLS Laser Therapy. Discover how this innovative technology is improving patient care with drug-free and non-invasive pain and inflammation management.

December 2022

The Podiatry Institute’s Windy City Podiatry Conference

December 2nd – 4th in Chicago, Illinois 

Attend our hands-on MLS Laser Therapy workshop. Speaker TBD.

“What we’re finding is that 90% of our patients are achieving almost 90% relief of their symptoms, which is unheard of. It is the very latest in medical technology, and we are proud to offer our patients something no one else can.”
Dr. Ronald S. Lederman, MD
Ronald S. Lederman, MD
Center for Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy