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Photo of a turtles joint abscess before treatment with MLS Laser Therapy
Case Study

Turtle with Joint Abscess

After one week of MLS® Laser Therapy, the swelling was reduced, making it easier to extract the paw from the shell, and the compactness of the abscess was reduced thus improving the surgical removal.

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Yellow Canary being treated with the MLS Therapy Laser
Case Study

Canary with Feather Loss

The bird was brought in for an examination following the loss of feathers on the wings and was treated with MLS Laser Therapy to stimulate feather growth.

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Making a Difference with Cleo a Diabetic Alert Dog

Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to detect drops in blood sugar through smelling compounds that are released from a person’s body when glucose levels are too low. This allows a person to take action to correct their blood sugar levels before they reach dangerous levels.

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