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Dr. Souliotis standing next to her M6 MLS Therapy Laser

Redefining Recovery: MLS Laser Therapy on Post-Op Patients

Nolaska Souliotis, DPM operates at the forefront of postoperative podiatric care, where personalized attention and compassionate care are guiding principles that inform every aspect of patient interaction at her practice. In this article, she shares case studies from her practice demonstrating how MLS Laser Therapy helps her uphold her commitment to excellence.

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Scientific Research

Comparison of the Effects of a Conventional Physiotherapy with Multiwave Locked System Laser Glenohumeral Joint Peritendinitis: A Randomized Trial

This study evaluates the therapeutical effects of MLS® laser and the combined therapy of microwave diathermy and interference current, in patients with glenohumeral joint peritendinitis. The intergroup analysis showed a greater improvement of MLS Laser Therapy in terms of pain reduction at the end of the treatment and at the mid-term follow-up visit.

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