Effect of MLS Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Experimentally Induced Acute Tendinopathy in Sheep

Effect of MLS Laser Therapy for the treatment of experimentally induced acute tendinopathy in sheep – a preliminary study

Energy for Health, Volume 14

A. Perazzi, M. Patruno, T. Martinello, M. Glazar, I. Iacopetti

Study Objective:

The aim of this randomized controlled study was to investigate the effect of MLS laser therapy on an experimental model of collagenase induced tendinitis in sheep in order to evaluate specific treatment for human and animal athletes.  6 sheep were injected to produce acute phase of induced tendon lesions (in deep digital flexor tendon) and were treated with laser energy at 5 J/cm2 or 2.5 J/cm2 on their left legs. The right legs of every sheep was used as a control.


The sheep were evaluated on limb circumference, swelling, emitted heat, pain on palpation and degree of lameness. Results show that the group one dose of 5 J/cm2 was excessive for treatment of acute tendinitis. Group two at 2.8 J/cm2 appears better suitable for anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effect on tendon healing. Both groups induced a statistically significant result as opposed to the control. Overall, 2.5 J/cm2 had better improvement of collagen fiber organization in deep digital flexor tendon.

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