Affect of MLS Laser Therapy on Nerve Conduction with Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy

“The affect of MLS Therapy on Nerve Conduction Parameters in Developing Diabetic Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy”

Energy for Health Volume 9

Andrew. Rader, DPM

Study Objective:

In this Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial, the injured tibial and peroneal nerves (due to PDN) were tested by Nerve Conduction Tests, specifically F-wave chronodispersion (fc) to see the affect of MLS Laser therapy . The control was the untreated sural nerve. 10 patients participated and laser treatments were conducted over 3 weeks for a total of 9 treatments.


MLS Laser Therapy applied to the tibial and peroneal nerves in persons with documented DPN led to objective improvement in nerve function as demonstrated by NCS evaluation (Peroneal  fc improved from 8.99ms to 6.19ms (p=.015)). Tibial Fc improved from 10.30ms to 6.97ms (p=.001)) Reasonable expectations of DPN after MLS include: Improved sensibility in the feet and interruption of the causal pathway leading to ulceration, infection and amputation. MLS appears to be uniquely capable of healing the injured nerves in DPN and shows great promise.


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