Apple, Dog with Thrombophlebitis

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Apple, Dog with Thrombophlebitis

Species: Dog

Breed: Mixed

Gender: Female

Age: 2 Months

Side-by-side before-and-after photos showing that Apple's wound had healing after MLS Laser Therapy Treatments

Clinical Report

Apple comes from a kennel and was in intensive care for 7 days due to a parvovirus infection. Due to her young age and pathology, Apple developed severe thrombophlebitis on both front legs. Then a severe phlegmon formed on her left front leg, resulting in a wound of approximately 30 cm2.


Apple was made to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent her from licking her wound. She was given antibiotics and her wound was cleaned and disinfected and a dressing with antibacterial ointment was applied for 5 days.

MLS® Laser Therapy was also carried out twice a day for 7 days, using the «Wound (infected)» program, then once a day for another 9 days using the «Wound» program, scanning over a 30 cm2 area. Before the treatment, the wound was cleaned and disinfected with saline and diluted Betadine.

At the end of the MLS Laser Therapy cycles, the wound was completely healed.

Courtesy of Doctor Giordano Nardini, Medical Director of the Veterinary Clinic Modena Sud, Spilamberto – Modena, Italy


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