Application of MLS Laser on Muscular Contracture Caused by Functional Overload in a Young Athlete

Energy for Health, Vol. 9

Application of MLS Laser on Muscular Contracture Caused by Functional Overload in a Young Athlete – A Case Report

Introduction: Laser therapy has long been widely used to treat muscle pain and contracture, and recently it has also been proposed to prevent injuries from overwork in athletes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of an advanced IR laser system, the MLS laser, in combination with the other components of standard therapy for the treatment of muscular contracture.

Conclusion: The prognosis of a muscle contracture is 5-7 days as usually found in clinical experience. The athlete treated according to the new protocol was cured in just 3 days of therapies with no recurrence or new muscle injury. We should note that the injury occurred during the preseason, so the athlete was subjected to treatment twice a day rather than once, as often happens during the season.

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