Back to the Basics: MLS® Laser Comparisons

Lasers are often characterized by their function and effects. Therapy lasers are also characterized by their peak power. Some lasers like the M6 and the Mphi5 can be based on the same or similar technology, in this case the patented MLS® Wave Form technology but have different purposes and impacts.

MLS Laser Therapy uses a form of non-ionizing electromatic radiation to increase ATP production and cell growth, block pain signals, and stimulate cells to remove toxins, easing pain and inflammation associated with a variety of conditions.[i] MLS combines and synchronizes two therapeutic wavelengths. The continuous 808nm wavelength decreases inflammation (anti-edemic and anti-inflammatory) while the superpulsed 905 nm wavelength works to reduce pain (analgesic). When synchronized, the 905 nm and 808 nm wavelength emissions reinforce each other to deepen and strengthen the lasers effects. [ii]

The Mphi5 combines a hand piece and multidiode ULTRA head for a dual treatment method.[iii] This combination allows the Mphi5 to be used to treat a precise, targeted area and a larger area. The ULTRA head can treat a larger area without the need for constant assistance from an operator.[iv] The ULTRA head and the handpiece can be used simultaneously as independent channels to treat small and large areas.[v] The Mphi5 has a peak power of 25W and has several preset customizable therapeutic programs.[vi] The Mphi5 has four treatment modalities: specific pathologies, anti-edema, biostimulation and pain management.[vii]


The M6 builds on the Mphi5 with the same capabilities but is also a robotized multi-target functioning device. The M6 is able to perform automatic applications with peak power of 25W. Treatment times are carefully calibrated, delivering the best possible energy dose to the tissue.[viii] The M6 has a wide range of movement, allowing it to be adopted for the proper course of treatment, this allows the patient to be treated either lying down or sitting without making direct contact with the skin.[ix] In addition, the multi-target application allows large areas to be treated uniformly and produce an immediate response of treated tissue areas.[x] The M6 has four treatment modalities: specific pathologies, anti-edema, biostimulation and pain management.[xi]

M6 Mphi5
Laser Type M6 MLS Therapy Laser Mphi5-laser-thumb
Peak Power 25W 25W
Robotized Wide, multitargeted areas Targeted, single areas
Area Covered Yes. Fully unattended. No dedicated technician No. Hands-free. Semi-dedicated technician

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