Boghi, a Pomeranian with Alopecia X

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Boghi, a Pomeranian with Alopecia X

Species: Dog

Breed: Pomeranian

Gender: Male

Age: 2.5 years old

Clinical Case

Boghi came to the clinic with alopecia. 

The symptoms spread from the neck, to the back, to the hind limbs in the outer and back area of the thighs. All the affected areas have had complete alopecia for six months. Previously it was treated only with oxygen therapy and topical medications.


Boghi was treated exclusively with MLS®️ Laser Therapy using an M-VET device with a standard terminal, the scanning mode was used for the treatment.

Programs “Alopecia phase 1” and “Alopecia phase 2” were used together in the same session from the first treatment. The first week, the frequency of treatments was three sessions a week, then once a week for a further three weeks.

Subsequently, treatment was continued every 15 days for 4 times.

After the first treatment, following a slight skin irritation, it was decided to decrease the intensity of the program “Alopecia phase 2” to 50%.

After the first month, from the sixth session, the first hair began to appear again, therefore the number of sessions was reduced by performing one treatment every two weeks.


Hair began to grow evenly and regularly from the sixth session.

The treatment was continued with one session every two weeks until the complete growth of the coat.

The treatment was stopped after 10 sessions.

Follow Up

After one year without any symptoms, an initial relapse of the alopecia problem occurred.

Treatment with M-VET using the programs “Alopecia phase 1” e “Alopecia phase 2” with the changes made above was started at the onset of the relapse. The frequency of the sessions was two treatments per week.

The treatment was terminated after 5 sessions with complete resolution of the symptoms.

A follow-up protocol was suggested to the owner to reduce the risk of symptom exacerbations.


Courtesy of Dr Judith Huizinga, Centre for Animal Laser Therapy – CALT, Uithoorn (The Netherlands)


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