Bree, a Cat with Post-Partum Weak Bladder

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Cat with Post-Partum Weak Bladder

Species: Cat

Breed: Maine Coon

Gender: Female


Clinical Case

Bree was brought to the clinic following complications after giving birth, which occurred around ten days earlier.
The visit evidenced an abdominal mass.

The X-ray in fact showed an extremely dilated bladder, which occupied most of the abdominal cavity.
The visible uterus suggested pyometra.


Bree was unable to urinate on her own, therefore she was first helped manually, then catheterized.

During the next few days she was admitted urgently due to complications. The visit led to requesting a neurological consultation for the bladder problem.

Treatment Plan

After the neurological consultation, Bree was prescribed several drugs, including anti-inflammatories. Her owner, however, was very reluctant to give these as Bree was breast-feeding.

As an alternative, MLS® Laser Therapy was suggested to the owner to treat the suspected cause: a pudendal nerve inflammation.

Treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy

  • Twenty minutes after the first laser therapy session, Bree started urinating normally. This had not occurred for almost two weeks.
  • After the second treatment, Bree also managed to defecate spontaneously. She usually managed to eliminate feces and urine in a normal manner after each treatment, generally within thirty minutes.
Program Inflammation (chronic)
Applicator Handpiece
Emission Method CPW
Treatment Method Points
Hz 36
Points 12 / Size M
Joules/cm2 3,99 J/cm2
Total Joules 150.343
Length of Treatment 5:00, 2 applications persession
Intensity 100%
Treatment Area L6-L8, pudendal nerve


  • Bree’s attitude changed within 24 hours of the first treatment. She once again began caring for her kittens, whereas she had shown signs of refusal and aggressiveness during the illness.
  • Bree received daily laser treatments for six days. The result was a return to normal urination and defecation, without the use of drugs.
  • Thanks to MLS Laser Therapy, Bree was able to wean her kittens.

Courtesy of Ellen M. Carrozza, LVT – Nova Cat Clinic – Virginia, USA & ASAlaser distributor Cutting Edge Laser Technologies


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