Burn on the back of a Morelia Viridis Snake

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Burn on the Back of a Morelia Viridis Snake

Species: Snake (Morelia viridis)

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Weight: 500 g

snake receiving MLS Laser Therapy

Clinical Case

A specimen of Morelia viridis was brought to the clinic due to the presence of an ulcerated and painful wound of about 3×12 cm in diameter, located on its back along the dorsal midline.  The wound affected the skin, the subcutis and had exposed the midline muscles of the back. The haematological tests carried out showed no alterations.

Therapeutic approach

Fibrocartilaginous embolism was suspected. 

  • Single application of TLRP (thrombocyte and leukocyte rich plasma) in order to promote tissue regeneration.
  • Closure of the lesion margins through U-shaped skin stitches in absorbable, monofilament (2/0) material.
  • MLS® Laser Therapy in order to stimulate tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and oedema and accelerate healing.
    The program used was: – Exotic animals – Reptiles – «Wound» – area 15 cm2 scan over the entire surface of the wound every 4 days, 5 times.


Already after the second MLS® Laser Therapy session there was a good production of granulation tissue and the lesion began to downsize.

3 weeks after the operation, the surface of the lesion was significantly reduced and there was a consistent layer of protective granulation tissue; the stitches were removed.

4 weeks later the wound had healed entirely with a complete closure of the lesion, without further complications.

Courtesy of Dr Giordano Nardini, Chief Medical Officer of the Veterinary Clinic Modena Sud, Spilamberto – Modena, Italy

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