Forrest, a Ferret with Adenitis of the Circumanal Glands

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Forrest, a Ferret with Adenitis of the Circumanal Glands

Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Age: 2 Year Old

Weight: 1.3kg

Name: Forrest

Forrest the Ferret

Clinical Report

A 2-year-old male specimen of ferret weighing 1.3 kilograms is examined in the clinic because of the presence of a detected lesion, alopecic, ulcerated, painful, non-reducible, localized at the level of the perianal region, of about 1 cm in diameter. The cytological examination obtained by needle-infixion shows the presence of degenerated granulocyte neutrophils in active bacterial phagocytosis (cocci) and rare macrophages.

Following the cytological examination, a pyogranulomatous inflammation of the circumanal glands (adenitis) was diagnosed. The therapeutic approach involved cleaning and disinfecting the lesion under sedation and MLS Laser Therapy: one session every 4 days for a total of 5 sessions. 

The Exotic Animals – Mammals – «Anal glands inflammation» program, 2 application points, was used and metronidazole was administered orally at a dosage of 20 mg/kg twice a day for 12 days.


After 12 days of treatment (3 sessions), there was a decrease in the volume of the lesion, together with a substantial reduction in the hyperaemia of the affected area. At the end of the treatment, the lesion had almost disappeared and Forrest no longer showed any itching or discomfort during defecation.

Courtesy of Dr Giordano Nardini Chief Medical Director of the Modena Sud Veterinary Clinic, Spilamberto – Modena, Italy

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