Checkpoint, a horse with a bite injury to the tongue.

Equine Case Study

Bite Wound to the Tongue

Before and After | Tongue Wound in Equine | MLS Laser Therapy

BREED: Hannover
GENDER: castrated male
AGE: 13 YO
NAME: Checkpoint

Clinical case:

Checkpoint was referred for a visit due to the presence of blood in the oral cavity and loss of appetite. The inspection detected a severe bite to the tongue, with involvement of the mucosa, sub-mucosa and underlying muscles.

The extent of the wound (about 4x2x1cm) and the acute pain were evident. Checkpoint was unable to feed properly.

Local washings with chlorhexidine, systemic antibiotic therapy and MLS® Laser Therapy were administered.


The programs used were “Pain (acute)” and “Wound” the first time, by points, 12 points per program.
For the subsequent 3 applications, the «Wound» program was applied by points at first and then using the scanner mode during the same session.
Checkpoint began feeding again after the first application.
A total of 4 sessions was held.


The results of the MLS® Laser Therapy were evident immediately: the day after the first treatment the pain was significantly reduced and Checkpoint started eating again.
Wound healing took place after only 4 sessions, with rapid healing and an effective control of pain and inflammation.

Courtesy of Dr Erica Forte DVM, Samarate (VA) – Italy

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