Lasers in Medicine Past, Present, and Future

Lasers in medicine past, present and future

Energy for Health, Volume 8

R, Chow

Nerve Research Foundation, Brain and Mind Research Institute, The University of Sydney,
Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia

Study Objective:

This paper reviews the background of lasers, the development of laser therapy, and it’s use in the medical field. It also summarizes the overall benefit of laser therapy, and hypothesizes why there is not overarching positivity toward the field and why there’s need for improved clinical studies.


Many aspects of Low Light Laser Therapy are reviewed, including: pain relieving mechanisms, anti-inflammatory effects, the use of the laser for preventative care, chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post-operative care. This review also introduces copious other articles in a wide variety of other topics involving LLLT. Overall, the benefit of laser therapy is across a wide range of difficult to treat clinical conditions. Patients will benefit the most when this technology is fully integrated into mainstream medicine. The author believes laser therapy is the medicine of the future.

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