Mamy, a Cat with a Lacerated Leg Wound

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Mamy, a Cat with a Lacerated Wound

Species: Cat

Breed: European shorthair

Gender: Female

Age: 1 Year Old

Clinical Report

Mamy arrived at the clinic after being found run over at the side of the road. There was a lacerated wound on the rear leg with completely exposed muscle, blood vessels, tendon and bone tissues.

After carefully cleaning and disinfecting the wound, the decision was made not to operate as there is no skin tissue to close the wound.


  • Use of an Elizabethan collar to avoid licking the affected area
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and dressing with anti-bacterial and healing cream (for the first 30 days), then cleaning only with NaCl and diluted Betadine.
  • MLS® Laser Therapy was carried out twice a day for the first 20 days, then once a day for a further 40 days, in scan mode.


After the first applications of MLS® Laser Therapy, the wound already seemed cleaner and the new granulation tissue developed progressively.

Scar tissue and new skin begin forming from the 7th day of laser, starting from the outer edges.

The wound began to get progressively smaller from the 30th day and at the end of the cycle (60th day), the wound was completely healed.

Courtesy of Doctor Giordano Nardini, Medical Director of the Clinica Veterinaria Modena Sud, Spilamberto – Modena, Italy


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