Nerino, Self-Pecking of a Grey Parrot

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Self-Pecking of a Grey Parrot

Species: Bird (Psittacus erithacus)

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years

Weight: 380 grams

Grey Parrot Receiving Treatment for Self-Pecking with MLS Therapy Laser

Clinical Case

A grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) is referred to the Clinic due to developing alopecia on the neck, chest and back areas. The serological examinations carried out in order to exclude viral diseases as a cause of the alopecia (PBFD or BFDV beak and feather disease virus) were negative. A microscopic examination of the feathers carried out to exclude the presence of parasites was also negative.


The diagnosis was subacute/chronic self-pecking caused by behavioral disorder. Therapy envisaged applying an Elizabethan collar to stop the episodes of self-harm. Two cycles of MLS® Laser Therapy were carried out.

The minimally invasive laser technique allowed its application with minimal restraint of the bird, which remained inside its cage without suffering any stress.

The MLS Laser Therapy protocols were provided as follows:

  • Birds – «Feather loss» – area 15cm2: two minutes on the right hemithorax and two minutes on the left hemithorax.
  • Birds – «Feather loss» – area 15cm2: one minute on the right thigh and one minute on the right of the back + one minute on the left thigh and one minute on the left of the back.

This protocol was implemented for 7 sessions, each 4 days apart, followed by a further cycle lasting 40 days during which there was 1 session per week, giving a total of a further 6 sessions.


New quills of covert feathers already began appearing after 7 sessions of MLS Laser Therapy.

Skin reddening progressively decreased as the sessions continued.

At the end of the second cycle of laser sessions, the featherless skin areas were practically covered by thick plumage (covert feathers), indicating an almost complete remission of the disease.

Courtesy of Doctor Giordano Nardini, Medical Director of the Veterinary Clinic Modena Sud, Spilamberto – Modena, Italy


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