Podiatry Today: A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Cold Laser Therapy

As all practitioners know, the rising cost of health care affects everyone. Physician reimbursements are lower but patients are frustrated by higher premiums. Then they discover they have terribly high deductibles and still have to pay significantly for care, even with their insurance. As doctors, we just want to treat our patients and guide them on a path to healing. At the same time, patients just want to get better!

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Dr. Souliotis standing next to her M6 MLS Therapy Laser

Redefining Recovery: MLS Laser Therapy on Post-Op Patients

Nolaska Souliotis, DPM operates at the forefront of postoperative podiatric care, where personalized attention and compassionate care are guiding principles that inform every aspect of patient interaction at her practice. In this article, she shares case studies from her practice demonstrating how MLS Laser Therapy helps her uphold her commitment to excellence.

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MLS Wound Progress

Tom, a Bracco Italiano with a Trauma Wound to the Left Knee

Tom suffered an injury during a hunt, probably due to hitting a stone or a branch. Tom underwent surgery, but because of the extent and the position of the wound, and because of the owners’ lack of attention during the post-op phase, the wound reopened. Read how MLS Laser Therapy helped reheal his post-op wound

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