A Measure of Post-Operative Satisfaction After Application of MLS Therapy Laser for Pain Management in Patients with Surgical Extraction of Impacted Third Molars

A measure of post-operative satisfaction after application of Mphi therapeutic laser for pain management in patients with surgical extraction of impacted third molars

Energy for Health, Volume 15

N. Doan, L. Nguyen-Pham, S. Cokim

Study Objective:

This study was a double-blinded, randomized controlled clinical trial of 42 patients to test the efficacy of MLS Mphi laser in post- op third molar extraction patients. Pain via Visual Analog Scale, Overall Satisfaction, and trismus range of motion was tested. The test group received treatment of 2.5j/cm2 with active MLS  Mphi laser, the control group received a sham laser treatment


The treatment group had less pain, swelling, bleeding, speech impairment and overall satisfaction than the control group (p<.05). The treatment group required less pain killers, and less trismus compared to the control group (p<.05). The use of MLS Mphi laser in post-op management for wisdom teeth extraction showed to give a statistically better clinical result than traditional care approach.

Post Operative Results of MLS Laser Therapy | Dry Socket | Pain Average | Satisfaction

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