Press Release: CELT Announces Partnership with VAHL

July 2023

Cutting Edge Laser Technologies announces a new partnership with the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL).

Born from a mutual interest in supporting the field of veterinary rehabilitation, this partnership marks a significant milestone for both organizations and underscores their commitment to continuing education.

Through this partnership, Cutting Edge became the main provider of laser therapy equipment for VAHL’s RACE-approved Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) and Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CERP) programs hosted at the University of Tennessee.


“We are thrilled to partner with Cutting Edge in the USA and Canada within our continuing education programs,” says Dr. Beate Egner, CEO of VAHL. “For many years, the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning (VAHL) has collaborated very successfully with the parent company of Cutting Edge in Italy, ASA Laser on a worldwide approach but North America.  Since VAHL became the exclusive global educational and marketing partner of the University of Tennessee for all vet rehab programs last year, additional opportunities arose in the USA and CAN.”

Based in Rochester, New York, Cutting Edge offers veterinary professionals throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico with a full family of Surgical and MLS Therapy Laser devices. With over 20 years of experience, their mission is to help practitioners improve the quality of patient care while helping veterinary hospitals and clinics strengthen their bottom line with innovative technologies.

“I am pleased to announce our partnership with the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning. Their expertise and dedication to continuing education in the field of veterinary rehabilitation paired with our worldclass technologies will bring tremendous value to the veterinary community and the future of animal care,” shared Mark Mollenkopf, President of Cutting Edge Laser Technologies.

As a globally recognized provider of high-quality continuing education, VAHL aims to inspire veterinary professionals and unleash their full potential with a comprehensive curriculum including in-depth practical training with a wide range of treatment technologies at the forefront of veterinary medicine. 

Black Labrador Retriever Receiving MLS Laser Therapy TreatmentOver the past two decades, laser therapy has seen considerable growth in human and animal medicine providing a conservative approach to pain and inflammation. The MLS Therapy Laser, offered exclusively by Cutting Edge, is an advanced Class IV laser technology that uses a patented emission system to synchronize two specific wavelengths of photon energy known for their antiphlogistic, antiedemic, analgesic and regenerative/reparative effects.

This therapy offers a solution to patients unable to tolerate conventional analgesic pharmacotherapy as well as those who did not see desired effects with medication alone. MLS Laser Therapy can also be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical analgesics as well as other therapeutic modalities common in veterinary medicine, such as electrotherapy and magnetotherapy, to further improve outcomes.

“Cutting Edge and VAHL agreed on a generous offer to all vet professionals with a desire to specialize in the field of animal physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine since laser therapy is a modality with a large variety of indications in this field,” explains Dr. Egner. “With a clear need for thorough education, VAHL and Cutting Edge agreed on supporting vet professionals interested in laser therapy with a program that increases accessibility to our CCRP and CERP education and the high-end Cutting Edge laser devices.”

“VAHL is offering academic programs – not just courses – and thus supports vet professionals throughout their career with continuous education, coaching, and its global network, bringing tremendous value to our partnership with Cutting Edge. This is not only a great opportunity to our students, but it is also a forward-thinking strategy to work with Cutting Edge,” summarizes Dr. Egner

By establishing this partnership, Cutting Edge and VAHL hope to leverage their unique strengths and competencies to provide comprehensive high-quality continuing education opportunities that elevate the field of veterinary medicine.


Cutting Edge Laser Technologies is focused on providing non-pharmacological and non-invasive solutions for pain management, wound healing, post-surgical recovery, and tissue regeneration. Since their founding in 2021, the Cutting Edge mission has remained the same: provide high-value medical equipment to medical and veterinary professionals that elevate the quality of care while improving their bottom line.

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