Providing a Customer-Focused Treatment Protocol with MLS Laser Therapy

For Dr. Ingie El-Khashab, providing personalized care and helping patients make informed decisions about their treatment options has always been top of mind. Learn how Dr. El-Khashab incorporates MLS Laser Therapy in personalized treatment plans for her patients. 

"I chose MLS Laser Therapy because it seemed to be a good fit—something new on the horizon of technology. I researched treatment options that offered less downtime and didn’t rely on insurance authorization—MLS Laser Therapy ticked all the boxes."
Ingie El-Khashab, DPM, FACFAS
Active Ankle & Foot Care Specialist

Republished with permission from Podiatry Management Magazine

No Pain. All gain.

Patented and FDA-cleared MLS® Laser Therapy technology provides:

  • Effective relief of pain and inflammation associated with a wide range of conditions
  • 85% to 90% efficacy rate
  • No risk from surgery or prescription painkillers
  • A cash-based modality to generate revenue for your practice

Learn More about the benefits of MLS Laser Therapy to the podiatric practice.

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