Skippy, a Dog with a Perianal Abscess

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Skippy, a Dog with a Perianal Abscess

Species: Dog

Species: West Highland White Terrier

Gender: Female

Age: 14 Years

Name: Skippy

Clinical Case

Skippy was brought to the clinic due to the presence of an abscess in the right perianal gland. When running the first medical examinations, the abscess opened, leading to a fistula with a wound of approximately 3×1.5 cm with purulent-haemorrhagic-serum exudate. Standard and biochemical blood tests were carried out which showed neutrophilic leukocytosis and an increase in the kidney blood parameters (creatine and Urea).

An ultrasound scan of the perineal region was carried out; this confirmed the abscess nature of the lesion and excluded the presence of a neoplasm in the right perianal gland.


After shaving the area, deterging the wound with Betadine and saline solution at 0.9% (Dilution 1:10) and disinfecting the skin with chlorhexidine-based foam in order to remove the remains of necrotic tissue and pus, an antibiotic therapy was set for 7 days and a pain-relief one for 3 days. An Elizabethan collar was placed on Skippy and the first session of MLS® Laser Therapy was carried out. Before every laser therapy session, the area was cleaned and disinfected with chlorhexidine. 

8 MLS® Laser Therapy sessions were carried out on alternate days, using the “Perianal fistula (infected)” points program on a total of 6 points for the first three sessions. From the fourth session, the “Perianal fistula” points program was carried out on three points for a further three times. The last two applications were made using the “Wound” points program on two points.


Skippy began to feel better already after the first MLS® Laser Therapy  session.

The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect of the laser made it possible to reduce the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and the bio-stimulation effect reduced the wound healing time.

Courtesy of Doctor Irene Zanco, Centro Veterinario Montecchio – Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Italy

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