Successful Treatment for Neuropathic Pain with MLS®: A Case Study

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Successful Treatment for Neuropathic Pain with MLS®️: A Case Study

Recent reports show that nearly half of adult Americans are living with chronic pain and one quarter are at high risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep breathing disorder (SBD). The relationship between chronic pain and sleep is well documented. However, patients seeking treatment for pain symptoms have historically been treated independently from those seeking treatment for SBDs. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the benefits of the MLS® laser system for the treatment of typical neuralgia of the lingual nerve and the comorbidity of chronic pain and sleep related breathing disorders.

These results establish the efficacy of the MLS® laser in the treatment of neuropathy and in combination with the treatment of OSA and bruxism as a mechanism for nerve entrapment demonstrates a long-term cure.

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