Why Choose a Cutting Edge Surgical Laser?

Why Choose a Cutting Edge Surgical Laser?

Cutting Edge surgical laser systems set a new standard for veterinary laser surgery by combining advanced features with easy, maintenance-free operation. These lasers are designed to provide the veterinary surgeon with maximum flexibility and precision, resulting in better outcomes and satisfied clients.

Unique Features:

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Balanced Articulated Arm
Extremely maneuverable titanium arm with a 360-degree radius of movement in every axis. Handpiece will remain in anyposition upon release, negating sterility issues.

Beam Integrity 
100% beam integrity regardless of handpiece orientation, delivering consistent energy throughout the entire surgery resulting in increased precision and minimal collateral damage.

Aiming Beam
Allows the surgeon to visualize exactly where the laser energy will be applied to the patient before the energy is delivered.

Autoclavable Handpiece
Hand pieces can be autoclaved for sterility and used countless times, maximizing profitability by eliminating consumable costs.

Closed Loop Liquid Cooling System
Absorbs heat and keeps the laser cooled to ensure a speedy and uninterrupted surgery.

All Cutting Edge CO2 surgical lasers feature multiple modes of operation as a standard feature:

• Continuous Wave
• Repeat Mode
• Super Pulse Mode

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