Three Ways Robotic Laser Therapy Will Help Your Podiatric Practice Grow

Have you contemplated ways to increase revenue without hiring, extending operating hours, or relying on insurance reimbursements? Since the pandemic, many industries, including podiatry, have faced significant challenges, such as supply chain issues, intense competition, and rising costs for supplies, equipment, and staffing.

However, a positive outlook for the podiatric market has emerged, and successful, profitable practices are adopting strategies to work smarter, not harder. Here are a few ways the Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser will help your podiatric practice come out on top.

1. Unattended treatments, increasing practice revenue per hour.

Did you know that MLS Laser Therapy consists of the only Class IV FDA-cleared laser that does not generate heat. The Multiwave Locked System® patented technology creates a way to generate new revenue without hiring or outsourcing. You’ll be much more effective with your resources, treatment rooms, and staff utilizing the M6 Therapy Laser while also improving efficiency. Many doctors break the six-figure mark for annual revenue produced from their MLS Laser Therapy treatments, contributing to an increase in how much revenue your practice generates every hour you are open.

2. Increases your per-visit revenue (PVR) with a cash-based service.

Physicians are looking for more ways to provide cash-based services because of the hassles with insurance-based reimbursement programs. When Podiatrists deal with complex insurance, the process can be stressful, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, not to mention reimbursement rates from insurers have decreased over time for the same surgeries and treatments that were once fully covered by reimbursements in the past. With MLS Therapy Lasers, you have a cash-based service that will increase your PVR.

3. Provides added value for your patients with game-changing technology.

When evaluating new lasers for treatment, patients want to know if MLS Therapy Lasers will help alleviate pain. Some examples of conditions that have responded very well to the MLS Laser without medication or steroids include neuropathy, swelling for post-op patients, gout, planters’ fasciitis, chronic regional pain syndrome, and injuries such as ankle sprains, to name a few. As a doctor, the effectiveness you’ll experience when using MLS Lasers will have you feeling like you can’t run your practice without it.

Invest in the Success of Your Practice

In an ever-changing environment, challenges for your podiatric practice are inevitable but don’t have to hurt your practice. Take advantage of the opportunity for practice growth with advanced technology like the MLS Therapy Laser. You will increase your profits and help your patients with a sound investment proven to help. By investing in our innovative laser technology, your company’s growth and revenue will experience the benefits.

If you would like to talk about ways Cutting Edge Laser Technologies can help you stay up to date with industry trends with MLS Therapy Lasers, contact us to learn more.

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