Efficacy of Laser Acupuncture for Spinal Pain

“Safety and efficacy of laserpuncture with MLS laser- Mphi type- in spinal pain: additional clinical observations”

Energy for Health Volume 15

T. Viliani

Study Objective:

This study was designed to confirm the safety, feasibility and efficacy of laserpuncure with MLS laser therapy. 41 patients with spinal pain participated in this study and received treatments twice a week for 4-8 sessions with laser settings at 10hz.


Patients were treated via rules of classical acupuncture (using ASHI points) and pain was measured via Visual Analog Scale. The results of this study suggest laserpuncture appears to be similar to those of classical acupuncture. Laserpuncture is confirmed as a safe technique, non-invasive, and reduces the risks associated with skin puncture and can be practiced in patients with needle fear.

Treating Trigger Points with Laserpuncture | MLS Laser Therapy | Vas Average Chart

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