Turtle with Joint Abscess

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Turtle with Joint Abscess

Species: Turtle

Gender: Female

Age: 18 Years Old

Weight: 1 kg

Photo of a turtles joint abscess before treatment with MLS Laser Therapy

Clinical Case

Brought to visit for the right rear limb swelling and the inability to pull out the limb from the shell.

At the examination a scar was found proximal to the knee joint. Radiographically, the joint space appeared occupied by an area of tissue radiopacity compatible with accumulation of material and bone remodelling with loss of normal joint conformation. The diagnostic suspect was of joint abscess.


MLS® Laser Therapy performed daily for one week, associated with antibiotic therapy.

The surgical removal of the abscess was made after a week of therapy, and was followed by post-surgery antibiotic therapy.

After one week the swelling was reduced, making it easier to extract the paw from the shell, and the compactness of the abscess was reduced thus improving the surgical removal.

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