Trade-in Your Aging Therapy Laser

Transition to the current model of the Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser with our Inventory Clearance Sale exclusive to M6 Version 1.0 customers.

M6 v.1 End of Life

If you are an owner of an M6 Version 1.0 Therapy Laser, you may have received communications from our team explaining that due to several issues with part suppliers caused by the pandemic and the age of this install base, it is necessary for us to discontinue services of this laser.

Our last M6 Version 1.0 Therapy Laser was sold over a decade ago. For many, this has been one of the best equipment investments ever made for their practice. 

M6 v.2 Inventory Clearance Sale

As a part of our efforts to be proactive with our customers, we have developed an exclusive Inventory Clearance Sale to help owners of the M6 Version 1.0 transition to our current Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser model.

The new model includes the same patented MLS technology as the laser installed in your practice while offering many improvements including updated software, an easy-to-use user interface, an expanding preset protocol library, and an enhanced ergonomic handpiece.

This limited-time opportunity includes, but is not limited to:

  • Premium Trade-in Value on your M6 Version 1.0 Laser
  • Deferred Payments
  • Extended Warranty
  • Expanded Marketing and Patient Education Toolkit
Robotic M6 MLS Therapy Laser

Benefits of Upgrading

Software Updates and Expanded Protocol Library

The M6 Version 2.0 offers new and improved software with an easier to use user interface designed to help you and your staff save time when preparing the laser for treatment.

Customize your laser to meet your practice’s needs with the ability to edit, update, and expand the protocol library as new pre-set protocols become available.

Note that the M6 Version 1.0 software is no longer being supported by the manufacturer, eliminating the ability to edit, update, or expand the protocol library. 

A photograph of the Robotic M6 Version 2 User Interface

Updated Handpiece Design

The M6 Version 2.0 Therapy Laser has a redesigned laser handpiece offering an ergonomic design and an enhanced cooling mechanism to extend the life of your laser handpiece. 

The enhanced tip has a wider diameter than the M6 Version 1.0 handpiece with smooth edges for a more comfortable application for your patients. 

In this video, Cutting Edge Sales Director Michael Jenkins shows these differences and more between the Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 laser handpiece.

Expanded Marketing and Patient Education Toolkit

Allow us to help you educate patients on the benefits of laser therapy and professionally brand laser services throughout your practice with a wide range of materials included in our expanded Marketing and Patient Education Toolkit available to M6 Version 2.0 customers.

In this video, Cutting Edge Sales Director Michael Jenkins shows some of the complimentary marketing materials included in this package in addition to the following:

Is your practice missing out on opportunities to include MLS Laser Therapy in post-surgical care plans?The all-new MLS Laser Therapy Post-op Patient Enrollment Package can help.

With our generic pre-made informational packets, it’s never been easier to inform your post-op patients about the benefits of MLS Laser Therapy, and invite them to schedule their post-surgical treatment sessions. In addition to reducing pain and inflammation at the surgical site, patients will learn how MLS Laser Therapy reduces scar tissue formation and can accelerate healing by as much as 40%.

An easy-to-use piece that explains the technical features and biological effects of MLS Laser Therapy. It also includes staff scripts to help in explaining the benefits of choosing MLS Laser Therapy over more invasive insurance-based treatments.

Tear pads are an convenient way to start the conversation with patients about why MLS Laser Therapy is a better option than many insurance-based treatments. These tear pads not only discuss acute and chronic pain, they frame the conversation for maintenance treatments for arthritic patients. Additionally, tear pads can be provided to referring doctors for the treatment of their patients in your practice with MLS Laser Therapy.

Our 10 minute in-office waiting room loop introduces patients to MLS Laser Therapy. Featuring satisfied patients and physicians from across multiple specialties, they discuss the benefits that the MLS Therapy Laser can provide. Designed to educate patients and initiate questions about the therapy, the waiting room loop allows you to recommend treatments rather than selling. We educate, you recommend.

When you partnered with Cutting Edge, you chose a company that has been helping physicians for over two decades. We pride ourselves in the world-class training and support that we offer our partnering doctors. We are committed to continuously improving our clinical training by developing new protocols for a wider range of conditions.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with EBM Medical in an effort to improve outcomes for peripheral neuropathy patients.

EB-N6DR® prescription medical food is specially formulated to address metabolic deficiencies of peripheral neuropathy and works synergistically with MLS Laser Therapy to ease pain and inflammation.

In addition to health and medical benefits, the LaserReady Neuropathy Program can help your practice expand its cash-based revenue stream with affordable medical foods and the option to hold zero inventory.

Learn more about this program by contacting your Cutting Edge rep or by visiting

The Cutting Edge website was created with our customers in mind, offering resources necessary for your success with MLS Laser Therapy.

The Cutting Edge Campus is a training and resource portal designed to expand your knowledge of MLS Laser Therapy with educational webinars, scientific references, laser manuals and more. Kickstart your marketing campaign with complimentary marketing materials available for download, including laser images, videos, logos, and printable materials. Get started by creating your account at the Cutting Edge Campus.

The Cutting Edge Knowledge Center features the latest in laser therapy news, scientific studies, educational content and more. Browse the Knowledge Center

State-of-the-Art Practice

You love your laser, but consider the everyday wear-and-tear that is has endured. Dents and scratches on the machine can affect the patient’s perception of your practice and the treatments they’re receiving. 

Transitioning to a new unit can help uphold the modern, tech-savvy, and state-of-the-art perception of your practice, leading to higher patient satisfaction and the sale of more laser therapy packages. 

No Out-of-Pocket Payments Until 2024*

$0 per Month for Months 1 to 3, then $99 per Month for Months 4 to 6, then $699 per Month for Month 7 to 72.

$30,000 Trade-in Value on Your Current Therapy Laser

4.9% Financing

3 Year Warranty Included

Value of $6,990!

Program Pricing Available Through June 30th, 2023. 

*Made possible with rebate amount of $297. With credit approval for qualified clinics. 

Interested in Learning More?

Speak to you Cutting Edge representative to learn more about this limited time opportunity to transition to our latest technology, including:
  • Premium Trade-in Value on your M6 Version 1.0 Laser
  • Deferred Payments
  • Extended Warranty
  • Expanded Marketing and Patient Education Toolkit

We look forward to continuing our long-lasting relationship with you and your team for many years to come and remain committed to providing you with the best technology coupled with word class service and support!