Therapy Lasers


Increased utility for your practice

EVO Building upon the previous model, the EVO provides an even faster analgesic response and allows the operator to safely treat more indications with the same precision dosing.

EVO Product Details


Class IV technology at an economical price

M1 The M1 utilizes the patented MLS technology effective for treating painful and debilitating conditions with complete patient safety and comfort.

M1 Product Details

Surgical Lasers

40W CO₂ Surgical Laser

The Gold Standard in Laser Surgery

40W CO₂ Surgical Laser The Cutting Edge 40 watt CO2 Laser System sets a new standard by combining the advanced features of previous models with a new metal CO2 canister, improved user interface, and unprecedented 25 watt peak power SmartPulse technology.

40W CO₂ Surgical Laser Product Details

30W Diode Surgical Laser

30W Diode Surgical Laser This system is minimally invasive designed to accommodate a number of surgical applications in small animal medicine.

30W Diode Surgical Laser Product Details

20W Ho:YAG Surgical Laser

20W Ho:YAG Surgical Laser Because of its extreme precision, this system is ideal for both surgery and microsurgery.

20W Ho:YAG Surgical Laser Product Details

15W CO₂ Surgical Laser

The surgical solution

15W CO₂ Surgical Laser This model features a compact design offering ease of transport between rooms or buildings.

15W CO₂ Surgical Laser Product Details