Dago, Pet Rabbit with Pododermatitis

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Dago, a Pet Rabbit with Pododermatitis

Species: Rabbit

Gender: Male

Age: 2 Years Old

Clinical Report

Dago was taken to the clinic for third degree pododermatitis of the left hind leg that had been evolving for several weeks.
Dago had broken his calcaneus in the past, but he had not been operated on and the fracture healed imperfectly, with a permanent alteration of the joint angle. This situation greatly limited joint movement.


The affected leg had inflammation and oedema with deep tissue involvement.
An antibiogram of the lesion was performed which highlighted the presence of Enterococci. Medical treatment was carried out with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and local treatments.
To facilitate healing, environmental management was also carefully evaluated: the floor surface dry and soft and BCS check. The latter corrected (body score 3/5).

Dago was subjected to MLS® Laser Therapy: it was performed for 3 weeks with 3 sessions per week. The protocols used were «Wound (infected)» and «Inflammation (chronic)».

After 6 days, rapid granulation of the wound and improvement of locomotion are observed.
The owners continued the daily therapy locally.

The patient was checked again 2 months after the first visit. Almost complete healing was observed except for a small 4 mm scab.


Since the very first sessions of MLS® Laser Therapy the wound showed a remarkable improvement. The granulation tissue started to develop quickly.
Dago currently moves much better, runs and jumps. Joint movements remain limited, but no inflammation or pain is present on the foot or on the joint.

Courtesy of Dr Cristophe Bulliot ECZM, Exotic Clinic – Nandy, France

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