Treatment of Cutaneous Pressure Wounds in an Asian Elephant

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Treatment of Cutaneous Pressure Wounds in an Asian Elephant

SpeciesAsian Elephant
Age: 67 years
Gender: Female

Case Report

Shirley occasionally develops pressure sores over parts of the body where the muscular cover over a bony area is minimal, such as the facial crest, point of the shoulder, and point of the hip. This case study represents a pattern that The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has seen with laser therapy, whereby granulation and wound healing time is decreased significantly when compared to nearly identical wounds that were not treated with laser therapy.

Wound healing over time

Treatment Plan

Anti-inflammatory and topical antimicrobial therapy was initiated. The wound was thoroughly cleaned twice daily, and topical treatments were then applied. MLS Laser Therapy treatments were also added.

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