Enton, Weimaraner with Paraplegia from Spinal Disc Herniation

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Enton, Weimaraner with Paraplegia from Spinal Disc Herniation


Gender: Male

Age4 years old

Photo of Enton, Weimaraner with paraplegia from spinal disc herniation

Clinical Case

Following a car accident, Enton began suffering from a slipped disc. One month after undergoing hemilaminectomy, Enton was still paraplegic and the surgical wound was oedematous.


Enton was treated using MLS ® Laser Therapy, more specifically the “IVDD” and “edema” programs for 7 days, combined with hydrotherapy and exercise.
Enton is continuing his exercises at home with his owners.

Courtesy of Dr. Roberta Burdisso, Physiotherapy Service Director CHV Fregis – Paris, France


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