Jacinto, a White Swiss Shepherd Dog with a Left Elbow Fracture

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Jacinto, a White Swiss Shepherd Dog with a left Elbow Fracture

Species: Dog

Breed: White Swiss Shepherd

Gender: Male

Age: 1 Year Old

Clinical Report

Jacinto had a Salter-Harris fracture to the left elbow. He had orthopaedic surgery and a screw was used to reduce the fracture.

The fracture did not heal and Jacinto had lameness, edema, and muscular hypotrophy. The X-ray showed arthrosis and sclerosis of the radius proximal line of growth.

A multivitamin, mineral, and joint supplement was recommended.


As two months later the fracture did not heal, Jacinto began MLS® Laser Therapy sessions.

The whole left forelimb was treated, especially the elbow joint. For the first two sessions the Edema program was used. Later the Pain (chronic) and Inflammation (chronic) programs were used twice a week. Jacinto had 8 more applications two times a week, alternating Inflammation (acute), 18 Hz and, Sprain/Strain, 1168 Hz, programs in each session.

Courtesy of Dr. Ángela Romano – “Laser Pets” – Bogotá, Colombia

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