MLS Laser Therapy in Postural Myofascial Pain and Post-traumatic Cervical Spine Pain

The MLS Therapy in postural myofascial pain and postraumatical of the neck

Energy  for Health Volume 9

G. Nunez, D. Bertolini, C. Piscopo

Study Objective:

To analyze the efficacy of MLS in patients with myofascial pain in the cervical spine. Patient evaluation pre and post laser therapy treatments were VAS scores and Neck Pain Disability Questionnaire. 30 patients with myofascial C/S pain were selected, 14 with post-traumatic and 16 with postural causes


From the results shown below, this study shows that MLS therapy significantly decreases patient’s pain on VAS score as well as their disability score.  It was concluded that MLS exerts a significant therapeutic effect specifically on challenging myofascial pain in the neck.

MLS Laser therapy on Myofascial and Post-traumatic Cervical Spine Pain | Before and After Chart | VAS pain score chart

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