Nello, Sheepdog with Bilateral Stifle Arthritis

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Nello, Sheepdog with Bilateral Stifle Arthritis 

Species: Dog

Breed: Maremma Sheepdog

Gender: Male

Age: 8 Year sOld

Case Report

Nello, 8 year-old Maremma Sheepdog, is referred for acute relapse of his bilateral stifle arthritis problem.

Clinical assessment showed limited ROM of both stifle joints, and muscle chains of the pelvic limbs undergoing hypotrophy. Nello’s dynamic evaluation shows shortened hind limb flight arcs, he’s not willing to trot and he overloads his front end, lowering his head and neck due to compensation.


A cycle of 11 PT sessions is scheduled for Nello, including MLS® Laser Therapy treatments associated with manual techniques (massage, stretching, passive mobilization) and homotoxicology therapy (Arnica Compositum Heel, Zeel T, Meniscus Suis Injeel).

MLS Laser Therapy included: hind limbs and lumbar-sacral muscle chains scans, stress points and trigger points treatment, point treatment of hip and stifle joints bilaterally.

At the end of the scheduled cycle of treatments, the owner refers that Nello looks more comfortable in his everyday movements and voluntarily trots more often. Dynamic evaluation shows increased flight arcs of the hind limbs, effective hind end propulsion, and a more relaxed stance of tail, head and neck.

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