Tuchka, Weimaraner with Angioedema

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Tuchka, Weimaraner with Angioedema

Species: Dog

Breed: Weimaraner

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years old

Tuchka the Weimaraner Before/After

Clinical Case

Tuchka was brought to the clinic because of a progressive and increasing swelling affecting the ventral part of the muzzle which had started on the previous day.

Clinical Examination

Tuchka was fully conscious on examination and had a pasty swelling in the submandibular area. Inside her cheek there was a “pair” wound, presumably from a poisonous snake bite (adder). Her mucous membranes were normal, as were the pulse and respiratory activity.

Regarding Tuchka’s playing habits, the owner reported that she was often seen playing with snakes.


Blood tests were performed showing hepatic distress, leukocytosis, haemoconcentration and impaired coagulation capacity.

Following these results, it was decided to admit Tuchka to the clinic with the diagnosis of angioedema. 

Treatment & Results

On the second day of hospitalization, the angioedema increased. The dog could only breathe and swallow with difficulty.

An infusion therapy with adrenaline (0.05 mcg/kg/min) was therefore started and MLS® Laser Therapy began.
Tuchka underwent 3 sessions of MLS® Laser Therapy and edema-reducing taping to promote lymphatic drainage.

The “Edema” scanning program was used.

Immediately after the first MLS®️ Laser Therapy using an M-VET, Tuchka began to feel better and her breathing and swallowing improved.

After the third treatment she was discharged and returned home. 


Courtesy of Dr Maria Chubakova, Komondor Veterinary Centre, Moscow, Russia

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