Zeppelin, a Jack Russell Terrier with Bite Injuries

MLS® Laser Therapy Case Study

Zeppelin, a Jack Russell Terrier with Bite Injuries

Species: Dog

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Gender: Male

Age: 7 Years Old

Name: Zeppelin

Clinical Report

During a walk, Zeppelin was attacked by a big size dog and was bitten in the neck, abdomen and left hind leg. He had three injuries to the abdomen, one was very close to the urethra, and two in the neck and lumbar area. Zeppelin had surgery to suture abdominal wounds. He was sutured in the neck and lower back region, too.

Two days after the attack,  bruises began to appear on Zeppelin’s abdomen. Because of the very strong inflammation and infection, the value of the CRP exceeded 250 (normally is less than 35).


In addition to surgery, Zeppelin received antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Two days after surgery he had the first MLS® Laser Therapy sessions. The protocols adopted were “infected wound” and then “wound.”

Zeppelin had 4 sessions of MLS® Laser Therapy: the first two sessions every three days, the other sessions once a week until complete healing, which occurred 3 weeks after surgery.


  • 36 hours after the first treatment, bruises begin to decrease and the fever disappeared
  • After the second session of MLS® Laser Therapy: the wounds completely closed.
  • 3 weeks after surgery, the bruises disappeared, and he began to extend the hind legs when resting.

Zeppelin participated in the Rally-Obedience competition 6 weeks after the attack, and won Class 3!

Courtesy of Anita Jansen, Physiotherapist for dogs – “Hund i Form” – Sola (Rogaland), Norway

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