Daya San, a horse with a bite wound on her neck

Severe Bite Wound Near Jugular

Equine Case Study

hore with bite wound on neck

Species: horse
Gender: female
Age: 2 YO
Name: Daya San
Species: horse
Gender: female
Age: 2 YO
Name: Daya San

Clinical case:

Daya San was found with a wound on both sides of the neck-jugular area, probably caused by a

bite. She was given antibiotics, anti-tetanus serum, and anti-inflammatory drugs. During her visit to the clinic, Daya San presented a subcutaneous emphysema on the neck and swelling in the chest, neck, and face. A large amount of exudate with necrotic tissue. Trachea and jugular visible.


The wound was protected by paraffin gauze dressings and medicated with calendula. The prescribed treatment was an oral antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory drug, and an anti-oedema. The dressing was changed daily. Treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy was started on the 5th day and ended on the 24th when the horse returned home. Treatment with MLS® activated the biological functions of the skin enough to heal a wound of that size.


The wound was almost completely closed after 89 days. Thanks to MLS®, no keloid developed during treatment, giving optimal cicatrization.

Courtesy of Dr. Charlotte Degien, Haras de Cordemais – Cordemais, France

Warning- Graphic images!

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